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Bear Hands

Art Factory

Always Original

My studio is named Bear Hands because I love to play with words. Living in New Bern, where our symbol is a bear, made me want to recognize this beautiful city and the hand-made aspect of pottery.
Each piece I make is unique, and my work is always evolving, which is why you won't see my work for sale online anywhere. You can find me at several Eastern North Carolina galleries. Click on the Shows and Shops to find a gallery that carries my work. Thanks for looking!

Introducing: Stamp-Eaze

Finding a way to stamp the bottoms of my pots without damaging them was difficult... until a friend of mine and I collaborated and created Stamp-Eaze! 


  • Stamp clay when it's firm, not soft

  • Even, level result

  • Easy to assemble

  • Adjustable

  • Mess-free!


Stamp-Eaze is now available at :


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