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Lessons Information

I teach Private lessons in my studio on an appointment basis for adults. Information for children is below. New students must buy a 6-lesson package to begin. I do not do one-time lessons or date-nights. Continuing students can take lessons as needed by appointment. 

6-lesson package: $240. Includes 6 lessons, clay, glazes and firing.

The lessons vary in length from 2 hours to 1 hour, depending on where we are in the process. Generally, the first few lessons are 2 hours, the glazing lesson near the end, tends to be shorter. I like to meet once a week, especially at the beginning, to make sure you have continuity. If you wait too long between lessons, it becomes more difficult to remember everything. You will learn: how to throw a cylinder and a bowl on the wheel, how to attach handles to clay, trimming your work, how to glaze. This is a beginner's overview package.

Continuing Students: $40 per lesson, includes clay and firing. Lessons for students who complete the beginning set, focus on areas of development that we discuss together. I try to build confidence in creating different forms on the wheel, some hand-building skills, lids and galleries, and more glazing techniques. 

Children: I do not do private lessons for children under high-school age. But I will come and do a group project at your school or scouting event or other club meeting. I charge $20 per child, which includes clay, firing, and glazing. Minimum is 10 children for a group lesson. I will offer you several choices for your project that would be suitable for age range in your group. Students must be aged 7 and up.