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Stamp the bottoms of your pottery with ease! No more caving in or uneven stamps.

  • Stamp clay when it's firm, not soft

  • Even, level result

  • Easy to assemble

  • Adjustable

  • Mess-free!


See it in action:

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Little testimonial about using the product




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Images will be clear well-stamped pottery, or pictures of your friends working. 

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We could even have a few of your potter friends come over the day I stop by and let them use yours, and get their thoughts. We can take pictures, maybe use a few video clips, and get text and video testimonial of them using the product. 

I tried for several years to find a tool that would let me stamp my logo into clay without damaging my pottery. I couldn't find one... so I made one!

Shelley Mathiot, Creator

Why Stamp-Eaze?

Several years ago, I encountered difficulties stamping my logo into my pottery. I went online searching for a tool, but couldn't find one. I teamed up with my son-in-law who helped me brainstorm, build, and create a design that allowed me to easily stamp my logo into my work.


I used it happily for a year, and then began to imagine improvements. What if the height were adjustable? Wouldn't it be great to have support for the rims of larger pots? My husband, Chris, and I worked out new features and made another version. Then another!​


What I have now is a handy, yet simple tool that will help you get your logo, name or potter's mark onto the bottom of your pot, with no breaking or caved in bottoms!


It extends the time that you can stamp, allowing you to impress slightly softer and slightly harder clay than usual, because of the support from underneath.



You can purchase it from our friend, Joel Socwell at . He also makes all my custom stamps!

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