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About Me


Pottery is a spiritual experience for me. I think of how God took clay and formed Adam, and how God is pictured as the Potter in the Bible. The trials we go through are His strong hands shaping us, the opening up of the clay on the wheel is Him removing ourselves from the center of our lives and hollowing us out, so that we can be expanded and filled and used for His purposes.


When people take home my work it creates a connection. When I see them again, their lives may be  different, but they still have my work in their homes and they tell me about where it is and how they use it. I never grow tired of making my work better and more meaningful and then meeting the people who will drink their coffee from my mugs or put their meals into my bowls.


When I’m not in my studio in New Bern NC, I am walking my Royal Poodle, Charley, or camping in the mountains with my husband, Chris. My four grown children, all amazingly talented and beautiful have a lot of my pottery, mostly my first experiments!

A work in progress on the wheel.

Shelley with her husband, Chris Mathiot. Chris and Shelley met in art class and have been creating together for over 30 years.

Shelley and Charley, the Royal Poodle. He's helping with the trimming.

Every year I join our community to make pottery for the Empty Bowl fundraiser in New Bern NC in (year). The bowls are purchased by attendees of the fundraiser, who got to eat their fill of soup and take home a special piece of pottery. The Empty Bowls fundraiser supports The Craven Arts Council and the Religious Community Services, which runs a soup kitchen and homeless shelter.